The Design Process

Our work is informed by context, history, the poetics of  space and life, individual lifestyle, functionality and experience as opposed to the typical consideration of aesthetics and use only. We do not offer one typology or profess any particular style, instead we respond to each project in indivdual, unique, and relevant ways. We have a wide range of experience within different types and scales of Architecture from residential to commercial and institutional. Every project is considered within the broader context as well as with fine attention to detail.

The factors which come into play as we embark upon each design process include some of the following:

  • Physical, urban, climatic, social, cultural, historical and environmental contexts.
  • Precedents, patterns and themes within the existing landscape.
  • The client’s needs in relation to organisational concepts and parts.
  • A way of living, the human being, the senses, experience.
  • Architecture is seen as a backdrop and stage for life.
  • Theory, which generates ‘formative ideas’, concepts which we use to give form to the Architecture.
  • Materials
  • Structure, making, assemblage
  • Light as a sculptural form.
  • Massing, circulation, units, wholes, symmetry, balance, geometry, hierarchy, levels
  • Repetition, texture, proximity, proportion, rhythm, motif, emphasis, unity, contrast, dimension, change
  • Sculpture
  • Poetics
  • Designing in harmony with nature.
  • Landscape, the relationship between indoors and outdoors.